Pre Contract Agreements Fifa 19

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Pre-Contract Agreements in FIFA 19: What You Need to Know

FIFA 19, the latest version of the popular soccer video game franchise, offers players the ability to sign pre-contract agreements with other clubs as a way to add depth to their team and hopefully secure a future star. But what exactly are pre-contract agreements in FIFA 19 and how can players best utilize them?

Simply put, pre-contract agreements allow players to sign upcoming free agents from other clubs before their contract expires. This gives players a chance to secure a player they may not be able to afford in the current transfer window or who is simply not available for transfer at that time.

To sign a pre-contract agreement, players must negotiate with the player’s current club during the January transfer window or during the summer transfer window if their contract is set to expire at the end of the current season. If the player agrees to the terms, they will join the new club at the start of the next season.

When selecting a player to target for a pre-contract agreement, it’s important to assess their current contract status, their overall value to your team, and their overall abilities. While it may be tempting to target a top-tier player, it’s often more beneficial to target lesser-known players who may have potential to improve and become valuable assets to your team in the long term.

It’s also important to note that pre-contract agreements can be canceled by the player’s current club if they sign a new contract before the expiration of their current one. So, it’s important to keep an eye on the contract status of any player you have signed a pre-contract agreement with and keep negotiating if necessary.

As with all aspects of FIFA 19, players should also keep in mind the impact of pre-contract agreements on their team’s budget and overall strategy. While signing a pre-contract agreement may seem like a cheaper option in the short-term, players must also consider the long-term implications of having a more expensive player on their payroll.

In conclusion, pre-contract agreements in FIFA 19 offer players an exciting new way to add depth to their team and secure future talent. By carefully assessing potential targets and keeping an eye on contract status, players can best utilize this feature to enhance their team’s overall performance.